It's the moment of minimalism, that I feel as a search for a graphic synthesis. I look for maximum stylistic essentiality with a single strong personality sign. Intersections return as a diagonal line that penetrates the white sheet: a line that has been drawn a thousand times, always taking something off. This lamp, apparently very simple, hides structural complexities, that are solved thanks to the discovery of the polyurethane injection, that allow me to make a thin and very "plastic" dress to the metallic structure, which are made invisible. It is shortly protruding from the wall, a necessary requirement for the American ADA regulation. The simplest thing was to give it a name since the hand points to 20 o’ clock.

Year: 2010
Brand: Leucos
Material: Glass
Technique: white silk-screened glass, polyurethane resin

Danilo De Rossi

Via Teatro Vecchio, 7
30171 Mestre Venezia

Danilo De Rossi designer ©2023

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